A contest!

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The one disadvantage of doing socks on two circulars is that you (and by ‘you’ I mean ‘I’) will always end up at some point using the wrong needle to do a row and end up with 3 sock halves on one needle and a half on the other. In the past I’ve tried to delicately transfer the stitches back to the appropriate needle and have almost always put them on backwards, so today I’ve decided to forgo all delicacy and I just ripped the needle out and slid the right needle back in. This might seem a foolhardy way to do it, but in the end I just got 15 minutes of my life back.

The socks in question are all Cait’s fault. I used to think to myself “Sparkly sock yarn. I mean, really.” Then I saw Cait’s socks, and suddenly I had to have some. HAD TO.

Some bloggers feature a WIP of the week. I think that for the next little while I’ll feature a WIP of the day. (Because that’s just the kind of knitter I am.) And I think I’ll have a contest. The most correct guesses for the rest of the month get entered in a drawing for… stuff. I can’t be more specific right now, but I will find, in my not at all minimalist stash, something fun for my winners.

Some will be very obvious. Some less. What can I say?

One caveat: You have to email me your guess… otherwise that would kind of steal the other player’s thunder. My address is shanknits at gmail.com

Today’s candidate:


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