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I hadn’t even thought about buttons until Susan said something… thanks Susan!

Here she is. Button_with_ball_1 Feel free to take her as your own.

And here is my very own Nantasket Basket:

Basket_prefelting_2 Basket_felted_1

I used sport weight Blue Sky Alpaca, in black and paprika. It was quite easy and wowed the non-knitting co-workers, who hadn’t really imagined 3D objects out of yarn… well, you know what I mean. I think if I were to do another out of this yarn I would increase the handle sides to four or 5 stitches, because as it is my handle is fairly floppy.

I’ve been having my old problems with some tendonitis (medical for ‘inexplicable joint pain’) in my knuckles again. It’s usually a little chilly at work and I do a lot more typing and sitting now. I’ve decided that, instead of not knitting for a few days, as some people have foolishly suggested, I would knit myself some fingerless gloves. So I bought myself one skein of Lorna’s Laces.


I’m using ones and the pattern from Not Just Socks. They are pictured at the bottom of that page, but I’m doing ribbed cuffs instead of ruffles. Je ne suis pas tres manchette.

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