Knitting under the influence

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There I was… so calm, cool, collected. Maybe it was the anti-histamine/decongestant combo. It’s a holiday in Canada so I’ve had almost no calls, and the thing with my job is that I have no music, so unless the co-workers are telling each other stories I need more sensory stimulation than stockinette can provide. So, since it’s so darn slow, I figured it was the perfect moment for some lace. Out comes Adamas.

I start plugging along doing the chart of the page I’d printed. I finish a repeat… 12 rows. it looks good. I’ve made no obvious mistakes. So, feeling like I’m making some good progress, I pull up the pattern again to check the instructions for changing the markers between repeats, and I see it. The other chart. The one that says BODY.

You wouldn’t believe how much knitting you can save yourself by skipping all of that middle stuff and just doing one upper chart and one edge chart. <sigh>

Truth is, I love the yarn I’m using, double-stranded laceweight Misti Alpaca in a gorgeous blue.

So, new beginnings are good, right? Second chances are even better?

And, for my faithful players, today’s WIP:


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  • Miriam

    *lol* I actually made sure to put the edging chart on a different page so it would be easier to distinguish them. That sucks that you have to rip. Ripping Lace is icky.

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