New Place, New Face

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Yes it’s humble, but call it home. Actually I just wanted a bit of a fresh start and a place to dedicate soley to my knitting and knitting related pursuits. If you want to read all of the other stuff I talk about my other blog still lives at

So, new place… any requests? Thoughts? Stuff you want to see? Ummm….

And in some actual knitting related news, I am working on Miriam’s shawl. Mine is made of a lace weight alpaca that I’m double stranding . (Is that a verb, stranding?) I’ve been one an alpaca kick lately and look forward to growing this one to wearable size.

I’ll take pictures of things tomorrow, I think. Then I can have a fun colorful blog. Speaking of, I guess I shouold add some colors, eh? (I work with Canadians, what can I say?)

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