I Hearby Grant You Permission

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Hi everybody! Happy New Year!

I trying to finish up the Christmas projects I gave myself permission to not worry about blogging. And then Christmas ended and I decided to give myself permission to not worry about it through the holidays. Then I decided to count everything through January 6, Epiphany, as Christmas, as it is the last day of the 12 days of Christmas. So I gave… you see where this is going. The Christmas tree came down yesterday, so it’s official. It’s not the holidays, except for being the hallowed month of 2 weeks of keeping resolutions, January.

Now, I, realizing that the fire of New Year’s resolutions lasts about 3 days, and then leads to feelings of failure, and going to give myself the rest of the month to try to set some realistic goals and policies. I’d ask for suggestions, but you’re all too nice to be honest with me.

But something has come to mind repeatedly in the last few days. It was cemented talking to a friend who is one of those crafting genius people, like to the extent of making a living with her crafty knowledge. She had mentioned that she felt like she should be scrapbooking, but just wasn’t motivated.

So, here’s the thing. Yes, I could easily buy a lot of what I knit far more cheaply, quickly, and casually, than I knit it. But it makes me happy. I could go to Michael’s and buy coasters for a dollar or I can try to felt them for 6 dollars yarn, two runs of the washing machine, and a good 6 hours between knitting and felting and changing the plan once again.

On the other hand, I have little to no interest in ribbon embroidery, sewing another purse anytime soon, applique, or crocheting toilet paper cozies. I love seeing what other people do, but the idea of doing those things right now makes me twitchy. (I am afraid that the crocheted toilet paper cozy may be becoming a lost art. And does toilet paper really need to be cozier? )

So, in honor of the fact that we are all gloriously different people, and intentionally so, so here it is:

I, Shannon, who assumes this responsibility because no one might have told you this, hearby grant you permission to no longer, or never, as you desire, pursue any craft, art, or hobby, the thought of which doesn’t make you gloriously happy and more excited about life. You do not have to scrapbook, knit, ballroom dance, or fly fish, if you don’t want to, no matter how many of your friends are doing it or how many times you’ve thought “Well.. I probably should…”

Just thought you should know.

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