Oliver Edmund Wayne Bauer

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When I moved into my ward there were a few girls who befriended me pretty much instantly. At first I assumed it was because one of them, Liz, felt obligated to introduce me around, but as I got to know the girls a little better I realized that maybe, just maybe, they were talking to me because they wanted to. I met one of them in Relief Society on what I felt was probably a big day for her. Apparently her husband had just told the girls that she was pregnant with her second child.

Sarah has always intrigued me because she wore awesome vintage clothing and in figure and haircut at the time, reminded me of the vintage “bubble cut” Barbie that my mom has. She also intrigued me because she made her apartment, the same floor plan as Mike’s old one, look cool. These apartments, nice as they are, rarely seem to look “cool” to me. She also let me ask her all sorts of questions that really boiled down to “So, why on earth would I want any of those kid things anyway?” and answered with honesty and good humor.

This was the beginning of a baby boom in the ward, a group of many having their first and second children. Sarah was one of the earliest in the group to have her baby, and the only one I dared ask about it, because she seemed to feel really good about the experience. This was astounding to me, because normally when you ask about someone’s labor and delivery it’s a tale of despair, woe, and shouting at one’s spouse.

Time went by and I got to know Sarah and her family a little better. She invited me over to craft, and suggested that we get together a regular craft night group for our ward. I met her husband, Jared, who I had an instant fondness for because he is going to law school, and I come from a legion of lawyers.

Their son George exemplifies one of Mike’s big fears about having kids, that despite coming from completely athletically apathetic parents, the kid loves football, basketball, and probably a few other sports I haven’t seen him play. He’s got seemingly boundless energy and it always good for a hug.

Their youngest son, Oliver, was a gorgeous little boy with eyes that were the combination of the bluest sapphire and a Caribbean ocean. I feel bad because I am generally sort of scared to hold little babies, as I feel that I make them cry, so I never took Oliver when Sarah and I were crafting and let her have both hands free, but truth is I loved looking at the kid. He was always dressed to the nines, and seemed so sweet. He seemed pretty-easy going and when he looked at you his eyes were so gorgeous.

Oliver passed away on Valentine’s Day from complications of a heart defect. He was 8 months old. I’m comforted by our belief that his family will be together again after this life, but my heart is broken for Sarah and Jared. I know that they will be okay, but to lose a child is a horrible painful thing , so if you think of it, please say a prayer for their family.

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  • Liz

    Shannon, I love how you write. What a sweet and tender post. I miss ya tons and want to have another get together. I’m glad to hear you and mike went on an actual vacation. Lucky!!


  • Kristina

    Thank you for writing this. Your description of Oliver’s eyes is right on. And just know that I love you dearly!

  • Sarah Bauer

    Thank you for all of your love and kindness. This was a really nice post and we don’t deserve all the nice things you have said! You are a wonderful friend. Thank you!

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