Can it really be learned?

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There is a Michael McLean song that has a line that has always struck me (hard):

Don’t waste your energy, chasing a destiny, you were not sent here to claim.

So, what on earth does that have to do with the digital scrapbooking I’ve been talking about?

Here’s the thing. I was raised with the assumption that I was not artistically gifted. Well, that is to say that the assumption is that there is no talent in the visual arts in the gene pool. Ask either of my parents and they will both tell you that they can’t draw to save their own lives, and my stick figures look like stick figures riding out an earthquake sometimes.

What I can’t resolve is how much of that is learned, or more to the point, not learned, because we don’t expect to be able to do it, and how much is because we don’t have that piece of the talent puzzle.

The thing is, I really, really want to be good at those things. I want to be able to decorate my home so that it presents the feelings I want to convey. I want to be able to create gorgeous paper crafts that are original and pleasing to the eye. I want to create a company web site that says clearly “Hey! Hire us! We are great in awesomeness!”

is this a reasonable thing to ask, so want to have these talents, or am I basically trying to

As I’ve been trying, in the last few weeks, to devote more and more time to learning Photoshop, building a web site, and digital scrapbooking, I feel more and more frustrated and brain dead. Is this because I’m getting older and I don’t learn as easily? (I don’t think so. Show me a new knitting technique and I’ll have it within 48 hours.) Is this because I am lacking the design gene? Or is it my inner talent-o-meter saying “Hey! You’re supposed to be writing! Stop mucking around with color and photos and go SAY something?”


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  • Kristina

    I read this on Saturday and have been thinking about it since then. I have two thoughts.

    One is this video I stumbled across:

    The other is that I have as much talent with drawing as you do, well probably less (I draw like a confused second grader with poor motor skills), and yet somehow I’ve been able to create things that I enjoy looking at. If I can do it, so can you. The page you created and posted was beautiful, simple, pleasing… I loved it (although I’m not sure my approval means much, especially after how I described my own talent). We all have talents that come easily to us, but that doesn’t mean we cannot try to develop talents that don’t come as easily.

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