Is it real or is it digital?

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So a few months ago Mike went on a business trip with Jarond. He called me from the airport and among other things he mentioned that Jarond was entertaining himself in the airport doing digital scrapbooking.


There were two things about this that caught my attention. One was that I was only vaguely aware of digital scrapbooking at the time. The other was that Jarond is a boy. Boys don’t scrapbook. Right? At least the ones I know that do are pretty much.. well, gay. (This is, as much as anything, a sign that I need to get out and meet more people.) Jarond has a wife and some kids and stuff, so… stereotype buster. Sweet. I like those.

As Mike mentioned this I could hear Jarond saying something to him which I remember to be some variation of  “She should try it.” I stepped over to the computer and started ‘a searching. Through Mike’s next trip with Jarond I would occasionally as Mike to ask Jarond a question about what he uses to make the pages (Photoshop) and how he prints them (Shutterfly.) And pretty much the whole time Mike was gone I downloaded lots of free papers and embellishments, mostly found through This was fun. No one ever gives me free scrapbooking paper, but there were tons of fun things to play with for free there.

There were a few things that surprised me. While I can appreciate creating shadows on a page to make it look like the pagewas somewhat 3D, but people had things in their kits like sea shells and pine cones and pices of furniture. I haven’t ever (and doubt I ever will) put a whole real seashell or mirror or carousel horse on a physical scrapbooking page, but apparently in digital scrapbooking a lot of people want it to look like they’ve positioned an entire tiny teapot on their page. This was odd to me, but maybe I was thinking a little too much that I wanted digital pages to look like they aren’t.

Another was that people would use only one 3×3 photo on a 12×12 page. This is something I can’t really fathom doing if you are going to print the pages (ever.) One trip to Vegas for the weekend would mean printing 100 pages at at least 2 dollars a page. Little by little I’ve been finding that a lot of those pages are either created to show off a certain design or paper, or they are pictures of people’s kids. Since most of my scrapbooking is travel or everyday life, I want to put everything that we saw at the Maritime museum on the same two pages.

This whole thing started with a bang, but I’m running into some problems which I will tell you about tomorrow.

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