Yesterday… all my troubles were successfully ignored

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Yesterday was quite a nice day, I must say.

I got up at a reasonable hour, then hung out until it was time for the luncheon. Actually, I should be more exact. I hung out and did laundry until Liz came to the door and I realized that I had completely lost track of time and had neither prepared myself nor the dessert I was to take. Luckily the luncheon was in our building’s (very convenietnly located) social room, and I am married to an incredibly sweet man who offered to run to the store and grab something. I asked him to pick up a chocolate cake, a can of whipped cream, and some strawberries. I figured that you can’t go wrong with those three things.

I ended up simply putting a piece of cake on each plate, putting a dollop (spray) of whipped cream on the plate, and sticking two strawberries in each one. Simple. (I should have taken lots of pictures, but didn’t. I’m sorry.) Liz made a delicious black bean salsa, Stacey made a delicious spinach salad, Heather brought a veggie tray from Costco (you know, the good one with the dill dip and peppercorn ranch) and Kim brought a tray of delicious sandwiches.

Afterward, I walked to the post office to mail a few eBay sales and then to Sam Weller’s. Speaking of, Sam Weller’s is planning on moving, so all of the used books are 25% off right now. As I walked back I took a few flower pictures, and I thought that I ought to post one.

I was excited to see something I hadn’t expected at all, lilacs starting to bloom. I love lilacs more than almost anything on Earth.

Lilacs starting to bloom

2 thoughts on “Yesterday… all my troubles were successfully ignored

  • Liz

    Shannon I’m so glad I got to see you at the luncheon. It was a pretty good day for us as well, although I didn’t get to enjoy a nice walk downtown. Thanks for giving me props in your blog, that’s awfully cute and so is that husband of yours. You two make me laugh and I’m glad we’re friends. I really want to have another dinner at my place but it’ll take me a few weeks to get in the mood to clean and entertain. So leave your evenings open around the second week of may. :)

  • sandra742

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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