Linen and the lies around it

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I used to have this boss… difficult to say the least. Crazy might be a better word. I have a theory that she wanted to be the ultimate expert on all topics involved with her merchandise, which is probably a good policy, if your information is good. But it got a little ridiculous.

I would give someone a perfectly good knitting technique hint, and if she hadn’t tried it herself, or it wasn’t on her mental list of approved techniques, she would tell someone that it was wrong. One month she would insist that everyone knit Continental-style, and then the next month everyone in class would be required to knit English style. Meaning that she was deciding for these people which hand they were allowed to hold the yarn in while knitting. Both create the same result, no matter what anyone says. These changes were ordained for all participants in any class, regardless of the learner’s personal style, preference, and handedness. (I am of opinion that every knitter should use which ever technique they want. Whenever they want.)

But I can ignore a lot of this crazy as being exactly that, crazy. Illogical control-freak things that are said to keep the illusion of control and authority. We’ve all had a few of those moments, right? Not to that extreme, but we’ve all tried to save face.

But there was one thing that she said that was just plain false. It’s been bugging me for a few years, so I will now proceed to get it off my chest.

We were all talking about embroidery. I mentioned that I had just purchased a package of linen embroidery floss and I was excited to use it. She replied, “Oh sure, if you want your project to wear out in a few weeks.”

Hey, crazy lady. The shroud of Turin is linen. There are pieces of linen fabric from Ancient Egypt. Ramses II was wearing linen when found. King Tut’s tomb had intact linen curtains. Just so you don’t have to do any math… that’s 2000-3000 years those pieces of fabric have been intact.

“A few weeks” indeed.

Shut up crazy lady.

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