St Patrick's Cardigan

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I am not very good about holidays since I got married. We have Valentine’s alternatives, Mike’s not that into Christmas (though he will play along nicely when asked), Halloween feels like too much pressure, and Easter hasn’t gotten it’s due since my mom’s side of the family got too big to have everyone over in the same house.

That said, I like St. Patrick’s Day. While none of my blood probably is, at least my first name is good and Irish. And it’s a nice, easy-going holiday. A few traditional (but not required) foods, beer for those who want it, and an easy-going dress code. As I was getting dressed today I found a green shirt and green scarf that matched pretty well, all things concerned. And then I saw it on my dresser. The cardigan.

The big deal about the cardigan, because I’m sure you’re wondering now, is this: It was my first. The very first cardigan I ever knit. As with almost every first, there are a few problems and some awkwardness. When I knit it I didn’t really understand the importance of weaving in the ends of yarn that would otherwise hang down, so they are largely knotted next to the fabric and then hanging down. They were left too short to do anything else with. I sewed the parts of the cardigan with white cotton string, which is a fine choice except that it shows through in some places. And it was never blocked, just sewn together right off of the needles.

Technically the cardigan was never finished. I ran out of yarn before I got to the button bands, so it has been sitting, unfinished, waiting for them ever since. ¬†And when I put it on this morning I realized something wonderful. Cardigan patterns these days often don’t have button bands. (For example).

So, in all of her imperfect glory, here is my cardigan and my St. Patrick’s Day outfit.

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