Early July adventure, part 1

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I am, as always, dying for a vacation. If there’s one negative feeling (not relating to any sort of personal insecurity) that has plagued me since I got married, it is this: I never get to go anywhere anymore. The only places I ever go are places I’ve been before to see people I already know. And it does feel a little like everyone is always on vacation. Even friends who are always talking about how poor they are go on regular cruises and trips to Europe, Jamaica, and Japan. (A little hint, guys. If you can afford Europe and/or Japan you’re neither broke nor poor.) ┬áNow the fact that I have many issues is not news, but I am seriously trying to get past the jealousy and the spiritual defects I feel jealousy indicates. And usually failing.

Every once in a while, however, the universe throws me a bone in the shape of whatever job Mike’s on at the time. While it’s hard to count these things as vacations, per se, they do offer a little break from the monotony of being in the same place all the time (ie. in front of my laptop.) While I don’t yet have the good luck to have clients that send me anywhere, Mike has a few that need him to drive to places beyond “the Wasatch Front.” I usually have mixed feeling about going with him on these jaunts, as I want out clients to see me as a valid hire myself, not just “wife of…” But there was a legitimate need for this one, as Mike was mixing sound and needed a boom operator. Being a boom operator does require a great level of skill, which I am still developing, but if you’ve got to practice with anyone, the guy who promised to love and cherish you forever is a great pick.

So I found myself on the first standing in dirt road in Mona, Utah. Mona is a one diner kind of town, but that makes it a great place to find scenes that take place on dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. Within 25 yards of each other we were able to film a scene in the middle of a little oasis of trees with farm in the background which

looked a lot like a small forest on film,

Trees. Like a forest or something.

a dirt road with an alfalfa field behind it and nothing else for a long stretch,

That's me holding the boom pole!

and a “beach” scene on the edge of a small┬áreservoir.

"The Beach"

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