Early July adventure, part 2

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(Part one)

After our day in Mona we headed to Spring City, the site of our work the nest day. Spring City was a mystery to us, not having heard of it before. It’s a tiny town in the middle of a county full of tiny towns. Some of their names seem familiar, but that may be because they come from the Book of Mormon. The lodging situation seemed grim, the most economical choices being Nephi (an hour from Spring City) or Manti (past Spring City, though not as much as we thought.) In the middle of the day we decided to spring (ha!) for a slightly more expensive, but much more convenient option in Spring City proper.

We stopped for dinner in Nephi, after taking a few minutes to take photos on set and knock the mud off of our shoes. The beach we were on had thick, heavy, mud that clung to shoes in a huge 2 pound clump per foot.

Hats are key!
Look, I'm on a beach! Really!

We stopped for dinner at Lisa’s Country Kitchen, a place in Nephi whose menu featured those four words that please us, Mike especially, so much: “Breakfast served all day.” We both had skillets, and I do love a good skillet. After dinner we drove to Spring City down a dark winding road. Until I find myself somewhere outside the Wasatch Front I forget how used to well lit roads and extensive development, for better or for worse.

I should mention that if you find yourself looking for lodging in Spring City, Manti, Gunnison, Mount Pleasant, Ephraim, or Sterling the place to look is probably Sanpete County’s web site. I looked at every web site and in the end I chose the Osborne Inn, a B&B in Spring City. I can’t for the life of me remember why I chose that one and not the other, but I think the logic was based on the fact that Osborne Inn had prices on the web site and that it seemed so cute. Almost overwhelmingly cute, to the point of making me nervous (muddy shoes and all) but I was willing to give it a shot.

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