Early July adventure, part 4

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We decided to first go south, as we were already pointed that way when we pulled out. We drove through Ephraim, and on the way back through there we took a slight diversion to look at the campus of Snow College. We only looked at one side of it, but it was neat. I like looking at college campuses. We continued south to Manti. As we pulled in front of the temple we saw something walking down the sidewalk from behind and Mike said “Oh look, there’s a stray dog.” I was staring at it very hard, trying to figure out whether or not I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.


And then, as confirmation he said “No, that’s a calf.” And there we were in one of those great “We’re in the country now” moments as we watched this stray calf walk down the sidewalk in front of the temple.


I jumped out of the van to try to take a better picture and this boy came running down the lawn in front of the temple at the same time. The calf watched him run down with some interest and then started running when the boy got within 10 yards.

When you're used the the streets in front of the Salt Lake Temple this is about a rural as it gets.

After some calf photography and a cruise down Manti’s main street we turned into a neighborhood. I though we were just checking out the local lifestyle, but on our second trip around the same few blocks Mike pointed out a sign for a yard sale and said that he wanted to check it out, especially since the sign said explicitly “No Junk.” We’ve never been to a yard sale together before, so this was going to be interesting.

We couldn't find it because it was in the back yard. But then we did find it.

We walked away with two things, a set of push up handles, and a fountain. The push up handles are for me, to try to reduce the wear and tear on my poor beleaguered wrists. The fountain was an affair that looks like three candles that pours water from one to another and also lights up. It’s sort of kitsch and kind of silly, but I really like it. If nothing else, the sound of intentionally trickling water is always soothing.

The fountain, dry and in the van.

Here are a few more temple shots.

From a distance...
The temple entrance seen from the parking lot
Stupid power lines

And here are some buildings and clouds.

Courthouse with dramatic clouds
A house that seemed... pleasant
Oh the drama!
I feel like this cloud has something to say.

2 thoughts on “Early July adventure, part 4

  • Heidi

    This sounds like a wicked fun trip. Well, “work adventure”. The B&B looks amazing. Just curious… do candles ever, in real life, spout water? 😉 I like the sound of trickling water too.

  • Heather

    I love Sanpete County! After growing up in Holladay and Sandy I experienced a bit of culture shock when I attended Snow College. There were less students at the college at that time than at Alta High School. My friends and I rented an old pioneer house that was right off campus. You know the kind with a rubble stone foundation, and a lean-to addition that was made into a bathroom. Immagine my shock one morning when I woke up, looked out the back window to find a farmer who had found his missing sheep in my backyard. Now add to that situation the fact that the newly found sheep was having babies! It was a totally foreign world that I grew to love!

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