Early July adventure, part 5

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We drove north through Mount Pleasant and found ourselves in Fairview. When we had talked to our innkeeper, Carly, she told us that Fairview had “a surprisingly good art museum.” I always like things that are surprisingly good, so we decided to check it out. I know that a lot of small towns in that area have a museum that overs some part of their history, but I was instantly impressed with this one because it was two buildings, and one of them had a huge two story window through which you could see a mammoth skeleton. Or, to be more exact, a skeleton from a mammoth. Pretty cool. The older building contained the historical and cultural exhibits, including what we termed the “Oh my gosh, you mean pioneer women wore dresses?” exhibit. That was the later part of our visit, but if you’re there I would recommend that building all the same. It contained the expected old tools, spinning wheels, clothing, and an exhibit of hand carved horses, but also an incredible room full of Avard T. Fairbanks‘s religious sculptures.

The other building, the one we went in first, was intriguing. It was clearly a lager building, and I had assumed that it couldn’t be the art museum because it had huge windows, which are not always kind to art. We entered and realized that there wasn’t an entrance fee, just a suggested donation. We doubled our donation at the end of the first building because I was that impressed. We chatted for a few minutes and I asked about the upcoming lace festival and whether or not that was because of any particular part of the town’s history. The answer sort of amused me. It was basically “Well… hmmm… well the pioneers used lace on things…” It turns out it mostly exists because one of the curators is passionate about lace in all it’s forms and put it together.

We perused the natural history and western history exhibits and then went upstairs to the art section. It was impressive. Lots of local painters and sculptors, and our friend Avard T. Fairbanks‘s work pops up again in a series of bronze sculptures of President Lincoln. I didn’t photograph much there, as the rules for photography can sometimes be tricky in art museums, but here are two photos from within. I wish I had more (or could find a better web site for the place) but if you find yourself in the area you should check it out.

Me and some busts. They were in a semi-circle and the clear head was this nice lady.
I don't know anything about him, but I love this little guy.

Here I am on a bench in from of some flowers, because I can.

After the museum it was time to get to work. Knowing that we were starting at 3pm we knew there was no way that we could be done before midnight, and could go as late as 3:30am, so we decided to stay at the B&B another night. Especially after we made the happy discovery that it was right next door to our filming location.

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