Early July adventure, part 6

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Wow, this is part 6, and it’s not even the last. I could have made it one long post, but then, if you’re anything like me, you’d have not made it far. So I hope it was a good decision.

Our location that night was a pottery shop called Horseshoe Mountain Pottery. It’s a fascinating place. The owner, Joe, was an actor in the movie, though he was the first to say that he was really┬ájust┬áplaying himself. This is to say that he was playing a guy who had created a pottery shop in a little town with his wife Lee, also an artist, after visiting there on their honeymoon. Joe’s built his own wood-fired kilns (that use only rejected wood from sawmills, nothing is cut down for his use) and they took a historic (like most in Spring City) building and turned it into his workshop. The front of the store is his shop, and there at the location he sells everything for half off the retail price. Joe’s one of those guys who is both passionate and eloquent, and I really enjoyed talking to him a little about his pottery and how he ended up in Spring City. His wife Lee is also a talented painter and I had a chance on set to talk with her a little. I enjoyed hanging out with her a little while they were filming in the shop, and she was very sweet and loaned us some of her cleaning supplies to grease down the dolly track.

I spent a fair amount of the afternoon and evening outside the front of the shop while they were filming inside. While normally I like to be working on set, not only was the space not that big, but a boom pole in a pottery shop… that’s a combination I didn’t want to be responsible for.

The shop. If you're in Spring City check it out.
Zen grip patiently waits for the shot to be over. Shannon thanks her lucky stars that she doesn't have to take any equipment that size in the shop.
Grip Shaun decorates the fence posts with blades of wheat
More of Shaun's work. I watched him and felt very satisfied that everyone was making art that day.
Me behind the shop.
Our last shots of the day were at a fire. Lee explained to us that potters are generally pyros.
End of the night shot.

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