Early July adventure, part 7. Probably the last.

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We returned to our room and had a nice night’s sleep. Our innkeeper was in the “Fourth” of July parade (actual date: third of July) in Mt. Pleasant, so we had very nice breakfast buffet. We didn’t have anywhere to be until 8:30 that night, so we decided to take our time and mosey on back. But, before we got to the moseying, we decided to ride bikes around Spring City.

Now, the disclaimer on these photos is that I decided to try to even out my terrible farmer’s tan by wearing a tank top, figuring that we wouldn’t be out that long. If it makes you feel any better about this little choice of mine, the sunburn is currently both peeling and painful! The other disclaimer is that I have not ridden a bike since my mission, many moons ago. This is a conscious choice, as riding bicycles on my mission was maybe the worst thing about my mission. Probably was, in fact. But that’s a topic for another day.

Here we are biking around town:

Mike and the blue bike. 'Cause, you know, he's a boy.
Pink for me. In case someone doesn't notice my obvious girl-ness.
No matter what you think, the basket is absolutely key.

Before any of you get excited, it’s just a horrible combination of… things that make me look pregnant-ish. I’m not. I’m really not.

Our one destination while biking around was a recommendation from my friend Kellie, who offered some great ideas for things to do in the area. She mentioned something called “snow cremes”, and as soon as we got to town we started asking around, and it turns out the a snow creme is a shaved ice with ice cream in the middle and optional sweetened condensed milk on top. There’s a lady in Spring City who both owns a shack and runs the business out of part of her house. Everyone we asked said they were a must try, and since it’s just not that big a town we decided to ride there.

It was worth it. They had all the flavor choices of the local shaved ice joint and the ice cream was a nice addition. Mike had tiger’s blood snow with coconut ice cream and I, on Joe’s recommendation, has the tangy tangerine with vanilla ice cream. We got our and then sat on the porch swing and enjoyed. As we ate we enjoyed the company of the owner’s dog, cat, and chickens. The cat was a total pushover and curled right up with us.

This cat didn't think twice about laying out on our laps and getting the petting.

After refreshing ourselves, we meandered though Spring City, stopping to talk to some sheep at one point. When we got back we packed up and started back up north. We stopped at the Mt. Pleasant festivities. We looked though quite a few of the vendors’ tents before we realized that there was a theme going, and eventually realized that it wasn’t just a fair, it was also a rendez-vous.

Teepees and mountain men all across the park.

We also stopped at a thrift store in Mt Pleasant. They had a lot knitting needles and a large selection of clothing, but I wasn’t really in the market. But we did see one great thing there. After that we drove back home, stopping only to have sliders at Marley’s at the Harley Davidson resort. I was happy to see, however, a wind farm that I wasn’t expecting on the way.

Nobody puts Big Bird in a cage!

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