More about my birthday, because I like birthdays that much

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I haven’t taken good pictures of my birthday presents, for the most part, because some of them are not yet in use, but I don’t mind mentioning what they are all the same, because I really like them.

So… the yarn.

But first, a bit of background. A few months ago my mom and I went on a Utah County Adventure. We ate at Joe’s Cafe (love that place) and then went to the BYU Museum of Paleontology. As BYU has an amazing collection of dinosaur bones we thought we’d make an afternoon of it, but the museum was really quite small and we’d seen the whole thing in much less than an hour.

We decided to use some of that reclaimed time and go to Heindselman’s and do a little yarn shopping. I’ve wanted to make a linen stitch scarf (free pattern) for a while, and I decided to get a ball of Crazy Zauberball for it.  I narrowed it down to two balls, one with blacks, oranges, browns, and a little purple (yes, this was just before Halloween, why do you ask?) and a ball with grays, reds, and teals. While I ended up getting the skein with the oranges, I was surprised that my mom said that she liked the other. I normally think of my mom as a neutrals-loving girl, so I was pretty shocked.

The Crazy Zauberball didn’t work for the scarf, but I soon I picked out a different yarn and color scheme at a different yarn shop. I though maybe it would make a nice birthday gift for myself, a shoppin’ I went. I had the three skeins in hand when I saw it, that same skein that my mom had so liked.I was really surprised as I thought it was probably discontinued.

The problem was the funds. I had enough money to get myself the three skeins the scarf would take OR get the ball for my mom and make her a Christmas present with it. So I bought that and one of the skeins I was going to use, thinking that I could make a linen stitch cowl (free pattern) instead.

The day of my birthday celebrations, however, Mike asked what he should get me for my birthday, and on our way to dinner we picked up the other two skeins for the scarf.  While I can’t take a photo of it at this moment, for reasons I will get to some other time, if you would like to see my choices they are on this page. My colors are Raspberry, Bordeaux, and Poodle Skirt.

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