My Birthday… but not really (in which we celebrate)

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After getting home from taking photographs and uploading them, we had about an hour before we needed to leave again for dinner. My dinner choice was the fault of my once-a-month knitting group (as opposed to my weekly knitting group). A while ago we all met at Katie’s and someone (Haley? Heidi?) brought some leftover desserts, and I there tasted the Toll House Pie.

I should back up a bit and explain that in my family our birthday tradition is to all go out to restaurant chosen by the  person whose birthday it is. We try to go out on the day, but sometimes it works better to go out the day before or after. My brother generally chooses the same place, but I spend weeks pouring over menus and options. Last year I chose Mi La Cai, because I love the pork and egg roll vermicelli noodle very, very much.

I love, love, love Caputo’s, and was very excited to check out their dinner menu, only to go in to look at the menu and learn that they are no longer serving dinner. <sigh> I thought intensely about going to Indochine, but the more I looked at their menu the more confused I felt. I don’t like menus that make me feel confused. I looked at reviews, I looked at Urbanspoon, I thought about going to Cracker Barrel to have the Coca Cola cake*, but Mike chose Cracker Barrel for his birthday, so I felt it had been done.

And then it struck me. That pie! That wonderful pie, that tasted of cookie dough and childhood. I needed to go where that pie was! And in the same moment I remembered something I hadn’t thought about for years. A friend from high school had told me that his favorite restaurant was The Dodo. His family was rich (or at least lived in Pepperwood) and I figured that it must therefore be very fancy. While they had changed locations at least twice since then, I knew they were still around. I looked at the menu, and while it didn’t strike me as terribly innovative, it all sounded good.

Our server was the spitting image of my cousin’s wife, the music was a pleasant, modern mix, and the decor felt nice. Not fancy, as restaurants go, but nice. Unbelievably I forgot to take photos of the food, but that was just as well, as it was quite dark. We had artichoke pie and baked cream cheese for appetizers. I had schnitzel (sans noodles) covered with sauerkraut and bacon with sides of steamed veg and mashed potatoes. For dessert Mike and I shared a piece of the famous Toll House Pie (no whipped cream), and I got the lion’s share because he doesn’t like nuts. Hee.

Here we are leaving the restaurant:

Family! Yay!

*Double Fudge Coca Cola cake, that is. Well worth saving room for, should you find yourself at Cracker Barrel.

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