Christmas spinning

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I bought the colored roving at the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair. It was the beginning of September and the day was roasting hot, but I could resist the idea of creating a full-on Christmas yarn. The colors say “Christmas” to me, but they don’t really scream “mix us”, so I decided to create a yarn that is one strand of the colored and one solid neutral color. It may be hard to tell from the photo, but the colored roving is a heathered colorway with some streaks of a brown-ish black in them. I searched the whole fiber fair and didn’t find any black roving that I thought would mix well, so I ran over to Three Wishes and found a brown-ish black Shetland roving that looked stunning next to my Christmas roving.

It’s a dicey pairing as the Shetland is somewhat rougher and the seasonal roving is a soft, soft wool. The Shetland wants to be a
sport-weight while the colors want to be spun fine. I’ve spun a good amount of each, but not enough to put them together, so we’ll see how it goes. All the same, I’m enjoying doing something festive on these dark nights.

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