Monday, January 3, 2011

Well, let’s face it. TV has one musical. Which is a considerable improvement over two years ago when it had none.

I sort of hesitated to call this post a “Best of” because I’m not digging season 2 that much, but since half of season 1 happened last year it retains it’s title. Something about this season… well, a few things.

Will went from being pretty cool to being pretty pitiful. Makes me sad. I used to have a giant crush on him, now I sort of wince when he comes onscreen.

Rachel, unlike Quinn, refuses to evolve in the slightest, and the writers don’t seem to have any intention of fixing that particular problem. Quinn said exactly what I was thinking when she said (to Rachel) “You used to be sort of unlikable but now I pretty much feel like punching you every single time you open your mouth.”

The other problem is Kurt. Yes, he’s a raging pile of stereotype, yes he’s a little snide and stuck up, but all the same for the first season I was pulling for him. And I understand that bullying is a serious problem, and the with the escalation the character might be a little down, but in the second season he seemed to go from rude to bitter and back again with alarming frequency, and I find that I stopped liking him.

The music choices this season haven’t always been as familiar to me, but I guess that’s not all bad.

All of this whining aside, I do enjoy the show. It’s made me laugh a lot and occasionally cry (Kurt singing I Want to Hold Your Hand, for example.) And it’s made me dance many times, and no other show on TV can say that.

In summary, if there are two things I’ve watched way too much on YouTube lately they are these:

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