My mom always wanted me to be interested in a doctor*

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I had no interest in Doctor Who. To me it was that dry-looking, seemingly humorless show they had on PBS on Saturday nights that broke up an otherwise lovely line-up of Red Dwarf and Red Green. Don’t get me wrong, I liked that the Doctor guy wore a scarf, but that was about the extent of it.

But then The Doctor came to town. Without knowing anything about the show I understood right away that it was a BIG DEAL that Doctor Who was coming here. It was the first time ever that they had filmed in the US, and they chose Utah to come to.

I could insert a huge rant here about how nasty ignorant people online were about the climate for filming here in Utah, but you can shout at ignorance all day and it rarely does any good. To summarize, they came to Utah because the makers of Doctor Who are no dummies. And I have evidence for this statement, and it is this: They hired a good camera guy, who just happens to be a friend, and a great audio guy, who I just happen to be married to, to do their behind-the-scenes footage for BBC America.

So we watched a few episodes, one or two from each Doctor. (If you have no idea what I mean I’ll explain tomorrow, just go with it for now.) And it seemed good… but it didn’t make sense. This is probably because we chose what people online said were the best episodes from each actor, and they made for a mass of entertaining-but-confusing TV. So we had to start again, this time from the beginning. And it became one of the most entertaining TV experiences I’ve ever had.

And tomorrow I’ll show you why.

*It’s not true. My mom’s a nurse. She knows many doctors and how many of them can be.

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