Time is an excellent motivator. A sale is an even better one.

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For the record, blogging about whings I’m working on makes me very nervous. I worry that people will be interested and ask me a month later how the project is going. Usually because of my style of working on things (passionately for a while and then sporadically after that) I ended up feeling like I’m disappointing them when I admit that I haven’t touched the (insert project name here) for 3 weeks. But today I’m trying to be brave. And for reasons that will be come clear I’m motivated to get this one on track.

Yesterday you may have seen the work-in-progress. The pile of pieces, that is. Last Saturday I was at Michael’s I noticed that the Alpaca Love yarn was on clearance. $1.99 a ball. I’ve been itching to make an afghan for a few weeks, and this seemed like a wonderful opportunity to make it out of natural fibers instead of the Wool-Ease I was planning on. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) I bought one of each ball and went home and got started crocheting hexagons (instructions can be found here.) These aren’t large hexagons (see Erin’s afghan for and idea of what I’m calling large) but a bunch of smaller ones. I’m using the Alpaca Love for the three inner rows and then will choose a yarn to do the outer row and bind the whole thing together.

Everything was going swimmingly, so Monday I went back to Michael’s to get two more of each ball. One problem. One of the colors was sold out. I tried the Michael’s in Provo but they had already sold out of the entire color selection. The Michael’s in Sugarhouse had the color, but it was not on sale. I’m hoping and praying that they will still have two balls when I go back tomorrow, and I no longer care if they are on sale. I just want to be able to get as much done as possible before the yarn disappears completely.

If you looked at Erin’s afghan, referenced above, you probably noticed in the post that she had the unpleasant Kara-induced realization that she needed to crochet much more than she originally planned. I’m terrified that I’m going to blow through all of my current supply of this yarn and not be able to get any more locally, so I’m crocheting faster than I have in a long, long time.

Wish me luck!

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