No, I’m the one shrugging.

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I’m really surprised to see so many people who consider themselves Christians loving Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand’s whole message is that self-interest and the pursuit of money are the purpose of man’s existence. She preached atheism fervently. She taught that charity is of no value. One of the main characters proclaims proudly that his only goal is to make money.

I’m confused by the idea that trains have become the mode of transportation of choice of the future. I know the book was written in the 50s, but screenwritiers do get to update this kind of thing if they want. Then again maybe I’m just annoyed by the scene in this trailer that doesn’t seem to explain anything about the plot, but just seems to be in there so that someone can enjoy the sheer misogynist pleasure of watching a man shouting at a woman to stop interrupting him. (1:20)



Maybe the politics can be ignored and the plot enjoyed for what it is. (Though according to Mr. Ebert that’s unlikely, and he doesn’t even address the politics of the thing. ) Maybe I’ll go see it, but I’m just so tired of spending money on unsatisfying movies.

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