Two thoughts on the Royal Wedding

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Two things:

Some people are being a nasty about the wedding. Can I just point out to some of the people of my acquaintance that some of you actively preach the importance and holiness of marriage? For those of you, you certainly don’t have to watch, but try appreciating that this couple, one of the very most famous in the world, is setting a nice example for billions of people by actually getting married. Millions of little girls are dreaming of their own weddings, and that only serves the cause of family.

I think the weakest argument I’ve been hearing against the intense coverage of the Royal Wedding is that it’s distraction. Yes, the world has serious problems and we should all focus more on them. But in world affairs, as in our own lives, there are always serious and important things to work on. If all we do is allow ourselves to think about everything that is wrong we will be miserable, tense, depressed, and no one will hang out with us. Ignoring the happiness life has to offer is just going to make us bitter, so if we are so inclined then I am all for us taking an hour or two and enjoying the pageantry, but also the simple sweetness of two people getting married.

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