The GreatWestCoastTour: Day 1

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Yes my friends, that’s right, the time has come for me to blog our vacation! Hurrah! Happily I get to ease into it because the first day of our trip is probably the least interesting. On Saturday, June 4, we left Salt Lake bound for the Northwest.

We filled the van with snacks, 2 flats of water bottles, our bikes, luggage (clothing for a week at a time) and a few goodies we were delivering , and we set off.

Here we are, packed and ready to set off.

While we could have gone straight through to Vancouver, it would have made for 15-19 hours in the car, and even with two people driving and trading off it seemed like too much, so we decided to stop in Kennewick, WA. To be honest, Kennewick had little to recommend it, but it was only about 10 hours away and it had cheap motels with good reviews. (Did I just say “only ten hours?”)

We stayed at the Guesthouse Inn, which was perfectly fine. The room was clean,  spacious, and they had Wi-Fi. Quite agreeable . We had snacked all day to keep our energy up, so by the time we got to the room we were tired and full, so we checked our email and then crashed, so I can’t tell you much about Kennewick.

They did, however, have one very cool accidental feature. In the lobby there was a cat. A very chill, composed cat that let us pet it for a solid ten minutes with no complaint or scratching. The clerk told us that someone had left it at the hotel and they had been feeding it, but we were welcome to take it with us if we’d like. We were so tempted. It would have been a bad idea for many reasons:

  1. We were just starting an 18 day car trip
  2. We were crossing an international border
  3. Our landlord doesn’t allow pets

All the same we were sore tempted. The cat’s fur was gray and it had brilliant blue eyes. For a lot of the next day’s drive we talked about what we would name it. My first thought was Governor. I don’t know why, I just like the idea. Mike suggested Bradley Cooper, as the cat’s eyes were so blue. Eventually we decided that we would have called it Governor Anderson Cooper, with the Governor being my odd preference, Anderson for Anderson Cooper (because of the combination of gray fur and blue eyes), and Cooper for Bradley Cooper.

The cat that would have been Governor Anderson Cooper

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