30 days of lists – My dreamspace would include…

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I find when I think about my absolute dreamspace it’s a combination craft room and yoga studio with lots of room to dance around, to exercise, to meditate, and to craft.

My dreamspace would include

Filtered water (the kind that doesn’t give me reflux)
Bright but soothing colors, probably white walls
Jewel tones?
All of the space I need to organize everything so it will be neat looking and easy to find
Attractive storage options
Lots of bookshelves
A big pegboard to hold all of life’s doodads
A good sound system
A Wii
A nice meditation cushion
Nice scents… maybe something in apple-cinnamon
Big windows with a view of lots of trees and greenery in the summer, snow in the winter, dramatic storms the rest of the year
A few plants, maybe a tree in a pot. Maybe a orange tree?
A really, really comfortable chair with good lumbar support
A huge table for cutting out sewing patterns, quilt pieces,  and blocking fiber crafts. Something white that won’t get scratched when I cut things on it
Wooden floors that don’t squeak

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