Hawaii!!! (Part one)

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You know, blogging an 18 day vacation is daunting. So I haven’t yet. But a six day vacation… that’s manageable. I think.
In May one of our clients had booked Mike on a shoot in Hawaii. He had wanted me to come along, but after we weighed the combined costs of the island hopping they were planning on doing and the cost of renting a car, it came down to a choice between doing that trip and doing The Great West Coast Tour. As much as I loved the idea of a visit to Hawaii, a 5-day-ish trip to one place vs. an 2 week trip to 4 states and one province won out. I’ve never regretted that decision for even a second, and in fact it was such an obvious decision that I had forgotten that I had made it until Mike reminded me.

So this trip to Hawaii was a surprise. On Halloween the same client called and booked Mike on a trip from November 13-16. They were only doing one island, Oahu, and were staying in the same hotel the whole time.  Oahu meant a bus system instead of a rental car, and Mike’s frequent flier miles could cover the ticket, so the trip wouldn’t keep us from being able to afford Christmas presents. Or rent.  Ihad just had an interview for a possible 5-day shoot sometime between November 15-24. It would have been a good paying gig, so we figured that I’d go for three days before the shoot, and then I could leave while Mike was working if I needed to.

Enough exposition already…

Thursday night we decided to walk around the area near our hotel. Our hotel was at Waikiki, so that was a very pleasant prospect. We walked on the beach as the sun was setting, and then we decided to grab some dinner. We walked to the Rainbow Drive-In, which is exactly the kind of place where people who actually live in Hawaii eat. The seating was covered, but still open-air, and most of what they serve is classic plate lunches with a meat, two scoops of white rice, and a scoop of macaroni salad. I had the BBQ pork.

Friday we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. I have always wanted to go, and since it was both a holiday, Veterans Day, and the day that the traffic was supposed to be really awful because many world leaders were coming into town for APEC. It seemed like a great day to get out of Waikiki. We took the Circle island Tour, which took us all over the island and showed us many pretty things. It also took us to Dole Plantation where we had pineapple whips, so that was pretty much worth the cost of the tour right there.


I didn’t take too many photos at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  It’s such a popular destination I figured I could probably go to Flickr and see almost everything, but I couldn’t resist the Rapa Nui heads that seemed very much to be wearing Lego Hats.

I got this temporary Tongan style tattoo. In the Samoa section we saw a cute show with music and dancing and firestarting, and then Mike took a shot at the firestarting.

We also went to the luau. I had always wanted to go to a luau. The food was delicious, and pretty much completely distracted me from the dancing, but it seemed… pleasant.

We finished the night with the musical, Ha. Obviously I didn’t take any photos, so I will simply say this; it was incredible. And fire dancers are insane. In. Sane.






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