Hawaii!!! (Part two)

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Our second day in Hawaii we took the chance to wander around Waikiki and then hit the beach. We walked to Duke’s, and on the way enjoyed walking past the designer boutiques. I got my photo taken in front of the most interesting of them (to me.)

We had brunch at Duke’s, which had the dual advantages of having a view of the ocean and a brunch buffet, brunch buffet’s being one of our very favorite things.

Buffet! POG!

We walked through the International Marketplace and looked at kitsch. We searched for a bathing suit for Mike and ended up obtaining two bathing suits, 4 sarongs, and 2 towels. And we made a new friend…

After the bird poked at my glasses lenses it decided to go for the lips.

After the first of 5 trips to the ABC Store during out trip we got sunscreen and we grabbed the bus for the beach. We decided to go to Hanauma Bay. It was the only beach we had heard of with an entrance fee, but we had seen it on our tour the day before and it was the archetypal beach in my mind. White sand, palm trees growing on the beach, clear water, waves in the distance and a protected area with gentle bobbing over a reef with fish.

Hanauma Bay

Mike had never been snorkeling, and I liked teh idea of a beach with lockers right on the beach and a beach that was maintained and didn’t allow smoking. Snorkeling is startlingly aerobic. To enter this beach you pay a cover charge preservation fee and then watch a brief movie on preservation, and not touching (ruining) the reef, and not feeding the fish, and FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE NOT LETTING THE FISH TOUCH YOU. Because of this we spent the entire time we we snorkeling sucking in our stomachs as hard as we could as we went over the reef or saw a fish headed in anything that could be construed as being our direction. It was an effective film emotionally. At one point I couldn’t clear my mask and had to put a foot down, so as to not drown. My foot brushed the coral twice and I felt the rest of the day feeling kind of guilty. I had to keep telling myself that if I had drowned my whole body would have sunk onto the reef and that would have caused even more damage.

I’ll spare you the photos of us in bathing suits, but here I am in a nice, modest towel.

My new towel!
Post snorkeling sarong wearing and hugging

We took the bus back and walked back to the beach. We walked up and down while the sun set and then went to a sushi restaurant called Doraku, which we quite liked.


Sarong wearing during sushi

After the sushi we went to a mall food court and found a shave ice place. I can remember little of where it was or what it was called, but it was lovely. Mike had something called lilikoi that was sweet and salty. I like the sweet-salty thing usually, but my brain had a hard time with it. We walked around Waikiki enjoying our shave ice and checking out the paramilitary scene that was Waikiki during APEC.






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