Hawaii!!! (Part three)

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As I tend to forget this kind of thing, I’m writing it here. This post’s events begin on Sunday, November 13, 2011. There. Whew. Sunday we did three things.


We went to the Swap meet, where we both utterly failed to take any photos. It was fun, but quite hot. We spent about half of the circuit looking for some shave ice. (Why isn’t it called “shaved ice” in Hawaii?) And we met up with Mike’s colleagues and had dinner. Later I will show you the thing I made from the thing I got at the Swap Meet, but today is not that day.
The next day Mike got up and got ready for work. I lounged in bed for an extra half an hour and then got up intending to walk on the beach. Just as I was watching my first episode of The Colbert Report in ages I got a call from Mike saying that Ben, the producer, had said that it was the best day for me to hang out with them, and that I should meet them in the lobby in 5 minutes. Super excited at the thought of spending  the day with Mike, and with our friend Tom, and maybe getting to show the client that I can be awesome, I took the shortest shower of my life.

It turns out it was a great day to be with the guys. We had one interview, but everything else was B-roll, which meant driving all around Oahu getting pretty pictures. I love that kind of thing. I was mostly with Mike and Tom, who are fabulous company. Here we are getting footage of various stuff.

Mike and Tom make videos
Mike and Shannon enjoy filmmaking and the color orange


Tom "tapes" the Iolani Palace
Tom and Ben set up for our interview
Mike and Tom get footage of the Chinaman's Hat
Hawaii has very dramatic clouds

We did one interview with the the founder of the Puakea Foundation, Uncle Bobby. Uncle Bobby teaches traditional Hawaiian Koa canoes building to children and teenagers. During the interview, which happened in the He’eia State Park. Someone there sets out cat food for the local feral cats, so there were dozens of them around. I decided to start my eventual cat army with this one.

Kitty the First. And my cute Tom's Shoes.

Here are a few other photos I took during the day.

The tent where the canoes are built.
Beach! Again!
Honolulu's City Hall

One side note. I had jokingly told myself that since I was going to the place where Hawaii 5-0 is filmed, I would make it a goal to see Daniel Dae Kim while we were in Honolulu. First thing in the morning we drove to the area where the Iolani Palace, the Hawaiian Supreme Court building, and the Kamehameha Statue are. As we were pulling around the building what should wee see but Hawaii 5-0 filming. And as we were across the street filming, who should I see? Yep. Not too shabby for a joke goal.




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