Hawaiian quilting

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My start at Hawaiian quilting came from… Hawaii! Yeah, I dedicated a whole afternoon to shopping. I went to Kamuki Dry Goods, which was a funny shop. It very much brings to mind what I imagine quilt shops looked like in the 70s. That said they had more Kona Cotton colors than I’ve ever seen anywhere, and I did get my hands on 4 patterns, three 22 inch square ones and one that even now seems like a big 44″ folly. I got two 22″ pieces in greens, and ed and bone-colored 44″ pieces.

The goods from Kamuki Dry Goods.

I know that Hawaiian quilting designs are supposed to have a spiritual aspect and strong symbolism, but I didn’t really have a guide, so I picked what I found pretty and decided to assign my own symbolism.

Here is the beginning of the Angels Trumpet pattern, basted down in white. You will notice that this is none of the fabric I got in Hawaii. Coupon at Joanns. 'Nuff said.

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