Rock climbing? Me?

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Mike used to rock climb a fair amount, but then life caught up, and then he met this amazing girl, and, to make a long story short (too late!) it’s been a while. Tuesday night he decided he was going for the second time this year, and unlike the first time, I couldn’t think of any good reason not to go. I pulled back my hair, put on my best yoga capris, and packed three pairs of shoes… because what do I know about rock climbing and which shoes work for it? Turns out you rent climbing shoes with your harness. Who knew?

I am not so much known for my physical prowess, a least since I stopped dancing when I was 12. But everyone (Mike and the internet) kept telling me that climbing is more a matter of legs than arms. I figure that my legs generally support my weight, and even sometimes agree to let me do things like running and yoga, so I figured I’d give them a shot. My arms would come along for… I don’t know. People (the internet) were so fixated on the legs I didn’t know what to do with my arms, but I figured they’d pretty much automatically get in on the not-falling thing.

I won’t burden you with the details of my technique, as I’m not sure I have one, but I can tell you that I did the easiest run three times. The first time I got up about halfway, the next time 2/3, and then 4 holds from the top. I would very much have liked to do those last four holds, but my left hand wouldn’t hold on to things anymore. Apparently the technical term for this condition is “stupid hands.”



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