Autumn comes to us, enfin

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Autumn came to the mountains in late August, and they have been brilliantly yellow and red for a while, which has been stunning, but slow to come down to the valley. I’m not complaining. We drove up to Oktoberfest twice this year, and even though we didn’t attend any festivities the first time, the drive was brilliant. The second time we did play, and it was wonderful, but I should have known autumn was really coming. The wind was such that we couldn’t ride the chairlift, and within a few days it snowed. (At Snowbird.)


Today I woke up and noticed that it was not only rainy, but suddenly the ivy in the neighbors’ yards has turned a brilliant red. It’s actually rained all day, and while I realize it sounds crazy to many, that’s really strange for us. Even though it’s cold I’ve opened all the windows to let the fresh air in, and I made a huge pot of stew. All that’s left today is to dig into my knitting and it will be the perfect cozy autumn day.

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