Baby Posting and How to Play with Your Newborn Baby

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Having baby means all sorts of decisions. Where do you want to give birth? How do you want to raise the child? Religion? School? Number of siblings? One of the first decisions we were faced with was how much of our daughter we want to put online. Internet histories are currently pretty much forever, she’s a person who deserves to create her own public record. This is why I haven’t posted anything about her yet. (I realize I haven’t posted much of anything at all for a while, but the baby stuff was a decision, not laziness, promise.) For the moment the decision I’ve made is that we will post photos of her in a “secret” Facebook group, and I will keep a journal of her life, but won’t be making it public at this point. And on Facebook I will rarely refer to her by her actual name. For now. It’s not that I don’t want to brag about her, believe me. She’s awesome.

But I have realized that I do a lot of research into baby related things, and I come across some interesting stuff. I thought I could share some of that and give a little information about why I was interested in that thing at that moment. I found a browser extension that sends links I like directly to my blog, so I’m going to try that, and then I can go to the blog and add my thoughts.

I love that I get to be home with Baby B most of the time. It’s a nice lifestyle right now because she’s taking lots of naps*, which leaves me time to get a few things done and sometimes even grab a nap of my own. One of the biggest challenges, though, is figuring out what to do with her when she’s awake. I try to hit a happy medium and not make every moment about her, because I figure she learns a lot by seeing how life goes… going to the post office, the quilt store, the grocery store, Target, etc. But that leaves the rest of the day, and once she’s spent time on the playmat, we’ve read a few books, and we’ve done any necessary grooming, well, what then? So this page is a good reference:


* Kind of, more on that later

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