So, first, the cool thing. Audrey Neal, a digital scrapbooking designer who I really, really admire writes a column on writing. Her column this week uses a page that I created as a (positive) example. I am so excited! You can read it here:

Yesterday I had an interview for a temp job. It’s a new thing for me, being interviewed for a 2-day temp job, but it sounds like a really interesting one, so I’ll play along. I needed to do all of the pre-interview grooming (mostly body hair management-type stuff) but I also was waiting for an important call and couldn’t get into the shower until that was done.I calculated that I had 15 minutes and decided to see if I could get a layout done in that time. The actual time ended up being 22 minutes, and then the computer froze up on minute 23, so I wasn’t able to save the page until last night. But, here it is:

22 minute layout

The kit used is Maybell by the aforementioned Audrey Neal of Audacious Designs. The template is a Page in a Pinch tempalte by Red Leaf DigiScrapping. The font on the title is A Truer Blue from kevin and The photos were taken with my iPhone while I was running errands the other day, walking across downtown Salt Lake.


Hello All!  Happpy weekend!  I have every intention of going someplace fun and doing the fun thing they have there, but I realized that I told Kristina that I would give her a web site address or two and I haven’t done so yet, so blog first, party later.

As I’ve gotten into digital scrapbooking I’ve found a few websites that have been enormously helpful to me. Here’s a random list

Stuff: – The digital scrapbooking freebie search engine. Here you can find freebies of all kinds all over the web, rounded up for you in 5-10 easy to navigate pages. Do be aware that if you see a kit pictured the freebie is often not actually the kit, but a quickpage or preview from that kit. – A site with some gorgeous free kits –  Probably my favorite site for purchasing kits. They are paper-style kits, meaning that the kits largely contain the same things that you’d get in a physical paper kit. – I think that you can buy pretty much anything, digital or physical, that you would need for scrapbooking here.

Inspiration: – An online digital scrapbooking magazine style-blog with a great, clean design and simple, real-life hints and inspiration.

The Two Peas in a Bucket Digital Gallery – Just tons and tons of examples and ideas.

Tools: – Incredible site for creating color pallettes for Photoshop. You can choose a color and then have  it make you a pallette based on complimentary colors, monochromatic colors, or shades of that color. You can also upload a photo and have it build you a palette of colors that are in that color.

Here is a page that I made using kuler to get the colors in the photo, so that I could make paper with matching colors:

Okay, I’m off to… the fun. Whatever it might be.


Ummm…. hi?

April 15, 2009

Hello! It’s me. Thought I stopped blogging? If so you’re obviously new around here. I blog psoradically at best. I keep telling myself that I should do it, but I’ve been so distracted/focused between work, playing DS, and getting a eweb site set up for our new business, that I haven’t even read anyone else’s […]

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I Hearby Grant You Permission

January 11, 2009

Hi everybody! Happy New Year! I trying to finish up the Christmas projects I gave myself permission to not worry about blogging. And then Christmas ended and I decided to give myself permission to not worry about it through the holidays. Then I decided to count everything through January 6, Epiphany, as Christmas, as it […]

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