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While my birthday is the 22nd of November, who wants to try to be birthday-ish on a Monday? Especially a Monday that is a work day. Blech. So I, as is often my custom, declared the weekend before My Birthday Weekend. My Birthday Weekend is designed to feature heave spoiling of myself, sometimes even by other people. And this year was no exception. I had a cupcake from Sweet Tooth Fairy, I bought myself a skein of yarn, and I generally wandered around town, dropping the fact that it was my birthday into conversation more than is graceful. Good times.

The morning of the 21st, Sunday of My Birthday Weekend, we got a call from a location scout in California. He had a client who wanted some photos of modern looking buildings in Salt Lake and wanted to know if we could get him the photos within a few hours. Happily, we could. We changed our breakfast plans from Eggs Benedict to Burger King and hit the road.

Here are my favorites of the photos we took that morning (not all were suitable for scouting, some I just thought were pretty):

The Salt Lake City Library - Main Branch

Despite the fact that it had just snowed, there were some nice autumn leaves on Broadway (Salt Lake)

Very pretty autumn leaves on Gallivan Way

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Sunday, May 17, was our second wedding anniversary. 2 years! Sweet! And he still seems to like me! Yes!

We started the party early by going to see Star Trek at the drive-in. It was, as promised, awesome. Zachary Quinto… you know, as captivating as he is on Heroes, I didn’t give him much credit for being a really good actor. (Inherent contradiciton? Yes.) Maybe it’s because I spend most of his onscreen time wishing that they would clean up the hair. The front is fine, but there is no, and I mean NO reason for it to be longer than his collar in the back. But he was excellent. The trick with seeing movies at the drive-in is that you miss a lot of the details. I didn’t realize that Kirk’s mom was Cameron from House. But the sound was great and the movie was excellent.

Sunday morning we went to church, partly making sure to because we thought that the Bishop was being released, and partly because it’s where we were married, and it’s nice to return to the scene of the crime. He’s also the one who married us, so it was a one-stone-two-birds kind of situation. We went up to the room where we were married, but that’s the room where they have choir practice, so we didn’t go in.

After church we went to Little America for the breakfast buffet. This is always such a treat. All of the goodies… eggs benedict, blintzes, pancakes, omelettes, an incredible variety of fruit, and my favorite, smoked salmon and bagels, plus a lot more.

We had planned some sort of outing that afternoon, but after the buffet we decided that a nap sounded nice. And it was. We were pleasantly full, the room was cool, and the duvet was warm. Really, what more could you want?

After our nap we did some origami and talked to our parents on the phone, and then we ordered Chinese food. While we ate the Chinese food we watched the Rifftrax of the second Matrix Movie. Matrix Revolutions, or Reloaded, or Rehashed, or Refried. I can never remember.

I’m still scrapping some of the photos, but here’s one page I’ve done:

Anniversary Origami

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Friday (April 24) is for fun

April 24, 2009

So, it’s time for the Friday edition of ShanKnits.  Fridays are for fun! Okay, to be more specific if you’re doing this whole life thing right, hopefully everyday is about fun and happiness as well as productivity, progress, good works, blah blah blah. But, Friday is a special day, it’s the day Shannon posts about […]

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Yesterday… all my troubles were successfully ignored

April 22, 2009

Yesterday was quite a nice day, I must say. I got up at a reasonable hour, then hung out until it was time for the luncheon. Actually, I should be more exact. I hung out and did laundry until Liz came to the door and I realized that I had completely lost track of time […]

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Thing you should do. You know. If you want to. I guess.

April 21, 2009

I was writing Friday’s blog post when I realized that what I was going to suggest there might not be as possible/fun since there is supposed to be a storm coming in on Friday that could possibly last through the whole of the next week, so here’s an idea…. Take a flower walk. Whether or […]

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