Seriously, this playing catch up, this thing where I tell myself “I really want to post this thing I did today, but I have to finish blogging Hawaii! And then Christmas! And the 2011 review, and then 2012…” By this point I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and nauseated and have to sit down and NOT blog until the feeling passes. It’s weird how much of this logic is floating around in our heads. I remember once going to a Bishop I had and telling him that I wanted a temple recommend, but I was quite upset because it would probably take me a few months to catch up on the tithing I had somehow been forgetting to pay. He looked and me and smiled kindly and said “Well, how about this. Why don’t you just way your tithing from here on out?” It was like a giant light bulb went on. I could just start where I am.

So here I am. Today’s work in of the from-home variety. I’m trying to update another three blogs, and my brain stopped about ten minutes ago. In a few more minutes I’ll probably go work on some quilting. I have a bunch of vintage sheets around. I bought them for a different project, but when I saw the Giant Vintage Star Quilt on In Color Order I decided I could spare some squares for it. After cutting the squares from the sheets I decided that I really needed some plain yellow for the background color. I just haven’t picked a shade yet. Any suggestions? (The suggestion doesn’t need to be a yellow.)


The Vintage sheet squares

It could be cool. You can't deny that it could be very, very cool.

Here is my favorite thing I’ve seen on Pinterest today:


While my birthday is the 22nd of November, who wants to try to be birthday-ish on a Monday? Especially a Monday that is a work day. Blech. So I, as is often my custom, declared the weekend before My Birthday Weekend. My Birthday Weekend is designed to feature heave spoiling of myself, sometimes even by other people. And this year was no exception. I had a cupcake from Sweet Tooth Fairy, I bought myself a skein of yarn, and I generally wandered around town, dropping the fact that it was my birthday into conversation more than is graceful. Good times.

The morning of the 21st, Sunday of My Birthday Weekend, we got a call from a location scout in California. He had a client who wanted some photos of modern looking buildings in Salt Lake and wanted to know if we could get him the photos within a few hours. Happily, we could. We changed our breakfast plans from Eggs Benedict to Burger King and hit the road.

Here are my favorites of the photos we took that morning (not all were suitable for scouting, some I just thought were pretty):

The Salt Lake City Library - Main Branch

Despite the fact that it had just snowed, there were some nice autumn leaves on Broadway (Salt Lake)

Very pretty autumn leaves on Gallivan Way

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Early July adventure, part 7. Probably the last.

July 13, 2010

We returned to our room and had a nice night’s sleep. Our innkeeper was in the “Fourth” of July parade (actual date: third of July) in Mt. Pleasant, so we had very nice breakfast buffet. We didn’t have anywhere to be until 8:30 that night, so we decided to take our time and mosey on […]

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Early July adventure, part 6

July 12, 2010

Wow, this is part 6, and it’s not even the last. I could have made it one long post, but then, if you’re anything like me, you’d have not made it far. So I hope it was a good decision. Our location that night was a pottery shop called Horseshoe Mountain Pottery. It’s a fascinating […]

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Early July adventure, part 5

July 11, 2010

We drove north through Mount Pleasant and found ourselves in Fairview. When we had talked to our innkeeper, Carly, she told us that Fairview had “a surprisingly good art museum.” I always like things that are surprisingly good, so we decided to check it out. I know that a lot of small towns in that area have a […]

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Early July adventure, part 4

July 10, 2010

We decided to first go south, as we were already pointed that way when we pulled out. We drove through Ephraim, and on the way back through there we took a slight diversion to look at the campus of Snow College. We only looked at one side of it, but it was neat. I like […]

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Early July adventure, part 3

July 9, 2010

Truth be told, I have always wanted to stay in a Bed and Breakfast. It always seemed so quaint and New England-y. And it was. Our room was the Evelyn Room, a peach (color, not fruit) themed room with a jetted tub and a queen bed. The Inn itself is Victorian home that the inn keepers restored, […]

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Early July adventure, part 2

July 8, 2010

(Part one) After our day in Mona we headed to Spring City, the site of our work the nest day. Spring City was a mystery to us, not having heard of it before. It’s a tiny town in the middle of a county full of tiny towns. Some of their names seem familiar, but that […]

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Early July adventure, part 1

July 7, 2010

I am, as always, dying for a vacation. If there’s one negative feeling (not relating to any sort of personal insecurity) that has plagued me since I got married, it is this: I never get to go anywhere anymore. The only places I ever go are places I’ve been before to see people I already […]

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