Yarn Craft

See how open it is?


It sort of collapses on itself.

Next time I model a bag I put stuff in it. I make movies. I should have known this.

The pattern is Lucy by Three Old Bags. The yarn is Cascade 220. Here’s the project page on Ravelry.

Not only do I have a new bag, but I finally got to do this:

I crossed something off!!!

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Sometimes people ask me what I consider to be a very aggressive question: “So, how many projects do you have going at a time?”

But sometimes I get curious myself. And sometimes I think maybe I need to sober up a little when it comes to the yarn purchasing, so I made a list.

Then I had to go lie down.


Christmas spinning

December 20, 2010

I bought the colored roving at the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair. It was the beginning of September and the day was roasting hot, but I could resist the idea of creating a full-on Christmas yarn. The colors say “Christmas” to me, but they don’t really scream “mix us”, so I decided to create a yarn […]

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